Lee’s Summit mom told that a threat to her life on Snapchat was freedom of speech

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BLUE SPRINGS, Mo — A Snapchat video of a white woman calling a black teen the N-word, saying she would slit his mother’s throat, has one metro mom livid.

“Why would she send that to my son?” the Lee’s Summit mother said.

The boy’s mother, who asked not to be named, told FOX4 there’s racial tension at her son’s Blue Springs high school.

The tension escalated to a physical fight off campus between black and white teen boys. One boy was severely injured, and his sister asked her friend to step in on her behalf.

That’s when she sent the Snapchat video, but the mother of the boy who received that video said her son was home all day.

“My son was not there, and he’s 15 years old. Why is this girl whose 22 reaching out to him at all?” she asked.

The mother told FOX4 she met with the school’s resource officer and principal.

“I showed them the video, and I was told that it was not a threat, simply freedom of speech,” she said.

Livid, she took it up a notch and attempted to file a police report with Blue Springs Police Department.

“Blue Springs told me that the video is up to interpretation, but they did not feel threatened by the girl telling me that she was going to slit my throat,” she said. “So I went to Lee’s Summit Police Department.”

The mother told FOX4 that Lee’s Summit police already had a warrant on file for the woman in the Snapchat video, for a separate incident, and assured her that they plan to pursue charges for the Snapchat incident.

“I want more people to have conversations about race and how to communicate with each other,” the metro mom said. “We don’t have to like each other, but we should be able to be civil and live together without being degraded and threatened because of the color of our skin.”

FOX4 reached out the the Blue Springs Police Department which said that school resource officer is currently on paternity leave, so he was not able to comment.



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