Lee’s Summit North High School dismisses students early after teenage girl takes her life

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LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. -- Students at Lee's Summit North High School were dismissed early Friday after a teenage girl took her own life.

The school was placed on lockdown after students heard a single gun shot coming from an area on the second floor.  The district then decided to release students early. Everyone was out of the school in less than 30 minutes.

The school district issued the following statement shortly before students were dismissed:

"Due to a situation at Lee’s Summit North High School, we will be dismissing school at ONLY Lee’s Summit North at 9:15 a.m. Families of Lee’s Summit North High School students are being notified of this cancellation. Our students and our staff members are safe. Buses will be picking up students and taking them home. Student drivers are able to leave at 9:15 a.m. Parents wishing to pick up their children at LSNHS should go to the east side of school at the events lobby side."

Fox 4 spoke with Sgt. Chris Depue with the Lee's Summit Police Department as students were being released from the high school.

"We do have a loss of life today," he said. "What we do want to stress though is lockdown protocols and just what an amazing job the district did at making sure that other students were staff are safe as well during this incident. If there was an unknown intention obviously if a gunshot is heard in the hallway or some type of commotion. So, the district did an amazing job and made our job easier to get emergency crews in there to quickly get to that victim."

Sgt. Chris Depue of the Lee's Summit Police Department.

Fox 4 has since learned that shortly after the teenage girl arrived at the hospital, she died.

“I think we had a concern here too that we got to make sure other kids are safe, parents are safe. As parents we put our kids in the hands of the school administration every day and we trust they'll make good decisions and in this case, brilliant decisions, quick reaction... we wanted to make sure the parents knew that their kids were okay,” Sgt. Depue said.

"As you can imagine in this day of social media, information travels so quickly that we're trying to always stay ahead of that to make sure the right information is there and the students who need that help, that may have known that student or were close to that student are right there with us. We've got our hands on them,” he said.

Sgt. Depue said the school district is making calls to bring in counselors. He also added that 90 percent of Lee's Summit police officers are trained in crisis intervention. After school was released students went to a nearby church to pray for the teenage girl and their community.

Due to this tragic situation, the school decided to postpone their game Friday against Blue Springs. The game will now be played Saturday, Sept. 30 at 2 p.m.

Lee's Summit North student Maguire Donigan

"It's really sad because they just don't know what they have to live for, and that's sad that a lot of people are in that situation too," Lee's Summit North student Maguire Donigan told Fox 4. "It's even more sad to know that they don't know that they can keep going and that things can get better."

Fox 4 has a crew on the scene and will be providing updates as they become available.

Lee's Summit School District superintendent Dr. Dennis L. Carpenter will deliver a prepared statement at 2 p.m. Friday. Fox 4 plans to stream that live in the video player below (you may see other news reports air until that time) and on our Facebook page. If you choose to watch on Facebook, be sure you are watching through the Facebook app or on a computer.

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