Lee’s Summit students, parents relieved to be reunited following school bus accident in St. Louis area

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LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. — Two-dozen high school students are safe after they were involved in a school bus accident on Friday morning. The group from Lee’s Summit High School was on their way back from a theatre conference in St. Louis. The school district said the students were not supposed to return until Saturday, but district staff decided it would be best if they returned a day early to avoid bad weather in Kansas City.

“It was pretty slick and we were all looking around making sure everybody was okay and everyone was,” said Elizabeth Bennett, a senior at the high school. “Glass was everywhere but it’s okay.”

The bus accident happened just outside of St. Louis. Students said they saw a semi-truck swerving off the road and when their bus slowed down to avoid it a truck slammed into the back of them.

“All those crazy things start going through your mind and you start assessing the situation immediately when they call,” said parent Matthew Bennett. “She was very upset and I could hear a lot the kids on the bus upset.”

Students said they were checked out by paramedics after the accident but thankfully nobody was seriously injured.

“I think I’ve never been more excited to see my school,” said Bennett, after she arrived back to the Lee’s Summit High School Parking lot.

Locally, the school district released students two-and-a-half hours early in case the roads got icy.

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