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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Chances are no matter how keen of a navigator you are, you’ve gotten lost. Some say these days a lot more people seem to have no sense of direction at all, and that can have life-risking consequences.

Damien Joseph is best known now for his Kansas City-based band The Magnificent Bang Bangs, but before his success here, he traveled the country. Not knowing his way around sometimes had big consequences.

“I got fired to tell you the truth because I didn’t know where I was going,” Joseph said.

His friend, Aaron Doyle, has also been burned by bad directions.

“When I moved out to North Carolina, I got lost, it went from being a 22-23 hour drive to – it took me like 28-29 hours,” Doyle said.

His debacle was courtesy of a confused G.P.S.

According to a survey out of the U.K., 80-percent of 18 to 30-year-olds can’t find their way around without the help of satellite navigation. Watch the video for the full report.