Legislature offended by Jackson County Executive’s recent $3 million tax cut proposal

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A $3 million tax cut proposal raised eyebrows Monday afternoon at the Jackson County Legislature’s meeting.

The lack of presence of the man who proposed the tax cut had many legislators frustrated, and their constituents weren’t happy about the proposal either.

“The frustration of the people of Jackson County couldn’t be higher,” Jackson County Legislator Jalen Anderson said.

Legislators said the angry and concerned phone calls, emails and messages from residents came flooding in after County Executive Frank White’s recent proposal.

“This is B.S.” Legislator Dan Tarwater was talking about White’s $3 million tax cut for the county.

Tarwater and Anderson said they’re offended by the pretty picture the news release painted because it doesn’t portray what the proposal will actually do for people.

“This is just outrageous that this is proposed, that this is supposed to change the livelihood of folks — and the way it was worded!” Anderson said.

The county’s finance department went through the numbers saying if the proposal is adopted, it would only save residents a small amount of cash.

For example, if a person owns a home worth $100,000, they would owe the county $111.64, as opposed to the $116.09 the homeowner would owe next year if the county decided not to take the voluntary tax cut.

“I acknowledge total dollar amount might not be a whole lot, but this is what Jackson County can do,” one county finance department employee said.

The move comes after thousand of property owners received massive increases in recent tax assessments. One of them being Teresa Perry.

“People make mistakes, but I need you to correct them now,” Perry said.

She attended the meeting to fight for her community members.

“I need people’s hearts to be into this and to care about everyone and to make sure people are treated right,” Perry said.

Legislators feel that White’s absence at the meeting sent a message, especially after releasing this proposal on a Sunday. His administration said he’s on a pre-planned trip to Nashville with the mayor for a leadership event.

“We are going to cause a recession of housing if anything at the very least if we don’t act,” Anderson said.



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