LENEXA, Kan. — More than 900 Lenexa residents could soon see a change in their city ward and the places where they vote. 

Tuesday, the Lenexa City Council will review an ordinance to reshape ward boundaries. 

Lenexa is currently broken down into four wards; Ward 1 in the north-central part of the city; Ward 2 in the central portion of the city; Ward 3 in the northeastern part of the city and Ward 4 in the southeastern portion of the city. 

Based on ward boundary guidelines set by the city, the population of each ward should ideally be within 5% of the mean ward population and the total variation between the most and the least populated areas should not exceed 10%.

To ensure ward populations remain balanced, the city council will consider adjusting boundaries based on the 2020 census. 

Lenexa Ward populations according to the 2020 census.

City staff are recommending the council vote to move one precinct (2-06) from Ward 2 into Ward 1. This change would move approximately 938 people into Ward 1 as a new precinct. 

Proposed ward map adjustment.

If approved, the new precinct in Ward 1 will be in place prior to the 2022 elections and the new wards will be in place for the 2023 city council elections.

The change would reunite the entire Whispering Hills neighborhood as a community of interest. If approved, the change would result in the following ward populations:

State statute prohibits boundary changes that affect voting precincts after a year that ends in “7” or before a time when the state legislature is redistricted in a year that ends in “2”.

As Lenexa continues to grow westward, staff anticipate a need to add area to Ward 3 and Ward 4. Staff is also recommending the council reconsider potential boundaries changes again in 2026. That would be the last time any changes could be made to precincts prior to 2032.