LENEXA, Kan. — A Lenexa, Kansas, gymnastics team is rallying around their coach after a fire burned his home to the ground.

Patrick Ballard is a coach and general manager at Elite Gymnastics and Aquatics.

His home burned down in a devastating fire, but the gymnastics booster club raised the bar, showing him support.

“Good girl, very nice,” Patrick said at practice Wednesday.

He’s been the voice of encouragement inside this gym for 17 years. Now, he needs a helping hand.

Ballard’s camper, that sits near Gardner, went up in flames.

He got the call while coaching. On the other end was his battalion chief. Ballard is also a captain with Fire District One of Johnson County.

He said basically all of his belonging were destroyed in the fire.

“Shock,” Ballard said. “By the time I got there it was gone.”

The team swung into action and created a GoFundMe. In one week, raised more than $12,700.

“We’ll do anything we can to make sure he’s back on his feet and up and running like normal,” mom and President of the Booster Club, Heather Shoeneman said.

“He’s funny to be around and always helps you through the hard times,” Gymnast Katie Schoneman said.

She’s had Ballard as a coach for seven years. She said it’s now their turn to help Coach Patrick.

“We see him almost 20 hours a week,” Katie said. “So, he’s definitely like a friend and he’s almost like family to us.”

“If you pull into the parking lot and you see Patrick’s truck here, you know practice is going to be better because he’s going to make it better,” parent Beth Marsden said. “He genuinely cares for these girls like they’re his own. and he just uplifts them in every way possible.”

Ballard said he’s inspired by these gymnasts’ dedication and determination every time they touch the bar or take the mat, all while having fun.

He’ll carry that same mentality through his own challenges.

“I love this job, I love this gym, and I love the kids in it,” Ballard said. “They’re awesome. Right now, they’re the closest thing I have to kids of my own. So, they’re awesome, the families are awesome.”

He’s moved by the support and said it will go a long way in replacing what was lost.

“It’s hard to describe, the emotion that’s going through my head right now, just gratitude,” Ballard said. “It’s very humbling.”

“We’ll do anything we can to make sure he’s back on his feet and up and running like normal,” Schoneman said.

“We love you, Patrick!” the team said.

If you would like to support Ballard, click here to donate.