Lenexa neighbors praying for 12-year-old girl hit by SUV, critically injured

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LENEXA, Kan. — Angie Prendergast holds back tears as she thinks about the awful incident that happened to her daughter’s 12-year-old friend.

“My daughter and her are good friends. It’s really concerning and sad,” Prendergast said.

She said Wednesday afternoon a child who lives across the street ran over to her home and told her that the girl had been hit by a car.

Theresa Decker told officers at the scene she witnessed the crash near West 90th Street and Lackman Road in Lenexa.

“We’re just upset that it happened in our neighborhood,” Decker said. “I did tell them all the kids that were walking with me we did everything right. We looked both ways, we stopped and listened. The crossing guard was in the middle of the street before we crossed the street, so we had safe street crossing.”

Neighbors tell FOX4 a black SUV hit the girl when the 12-year-old, her two younger siblings, several other children and Decker crossed the street.

“I heard screeching of tires, and the girls were yelling,” Decker said.

The sixth-grader and her classmates had just left nearby Sunflower Elementary and were walking home at the time of the crash.

Decker said the driver did stop at the scene.

She also said the man “admitted to her that he was distracted by his cell phone at the time.” Police haven’t confirmed that for FOX4. They’re still investigating the accident.

“We are just praying that she will be OK and that she didn’t suffer any serious injuries hopefully. We all need to pay more attention to driving. It’s really serious,” Prendergast said.

“We really need to be mindful of what we’re doing while we’re driving as adults and use good etiquette. Just pay attention to what we’re doing,” Decker said.

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Organizers hope to use their nationwide campaign as a chance to recognize the dangers and eliminate preventable deaths from distracted driving.

According to the National Safety Council,  every day at least nine Americans die and 100 are injured in distracted driving crashes.



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