LENEXA, Kan. — New video of pick-pocketers in action has the Lenexa Police Department issuing a warning to residents.

The agency shared video Wednesday of two thieves working together at a Lenexa restaurant to steal a wallet out of a woman’s purse.

The video shows the purse hanging on the back of the woman’s chair while she eats. The two suspects come up behind her while one uses his jacket to hide that he’s digging through her bag.

Police said the two then went to a big box store and made a large purchase using the woman’s credit card.

Lenexa police said they’ve also seen thieves sit back-to-back to an unsuspecting person and reach backward into a purse or bag to steal their wallet.

The agency said these types of theft have happened plenty of times before. It’s why they caution people against hanging their purses on the back of chairs if others are going to be behind you.

Instead, Lenexa police said you should put your bag beside the wall, on the table in an empty chair not easily accessible, or wear a crossbody purse.