Lenexa police looking for thieves that distracted shopper with a sticky situation

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LENEXA, Kan. – Lenexa police are trying to track down a trio of thieves who took off with a woman’s phone and wallet using the art of distraction.

One man told an elderly woman shopping in the 9600 block of Quivira she had a piece of gum stuck to the back of her shirt. Whether he placed it there, or if there was any gum at all, is unclear. All she knows is by the time he was gone, so was her wallet and her phone in her purse.

Police believe the man had help from another man and possibly a woman in pulling off the ruse.

Her purse was placed in the front top section of the shopping cart. It’s a place it seems many women find convenient, but it’s also convenient for thieves.

“Either keep it on your person, maybe keep it a little deeper in the cart. If it’s possible to leave it in the car, that would be good, too,” Master Police Officer Danny Chavez said.

Chavez said distraction techniques can involve any number of schemes this time of year. Someone may ask for help finding an item, or perhaps advice on whether they should buy a certain gift for a family member.

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