LGBT staple Hamburger Mary’s shows support for victims of Orlando shooting

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The pain of the lives lost in Orlando is stretching across the country. The LGBT community in Kansas City spoke out Sunday morning against the violence they said was aimed at them for being who they are.

Hamburger Mary’s is one of Kansas City’s most popular LGBT hangouts. FOX 4 stopped by Sunday morning and talked with staff and customers.

Bar Manager Peter Arroyo said, “Pulse is one of the clubs you hear about all the time, even in Kansas City. You hear, oh Florida? You have to check out Pulse.” The familiar name hit homes after it made headlines early Sunday morning when a shooter attacked the nightclub.

Arroyo said, “We’ve come so far I feel and then with this, just because they were gay, it’s horrible. If it happened there, it can happen anywhere, and that’s what the scary part.”

Alexxander Abreu is a regular at the restaurant. He said, “This is the fear. When we say that there is a fear out there, when we’re talking about targets, like the bathroom bill situation, people are saying they’re scared. This is what we’re afraid of.”

Abreu said the Kansas City LGBT community is close one and Hamburger Mary’s holds meaning. “It’s our safe place. I’m sure Pulse was to many of the employees there as well.”

Sunday morning’s drag show came to a hush as the crowd stopped to honor those who were killed.

“At this moment, if you all could join me in a moment of silence to honor our brothers and sisters who have fallen to a very, very awful person.”

Arroyo said he feels like he knows the victims personally. “You don’t know where they were going in life, the talents they had, or what they were going to do for the good community. And [they’re] just lost.”

Abreu said the only silver lining is knowing the community that was targeted is the very one that will grow closer. “I’m hoping this brings us all together and makes us even stronger. I know it will.”



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