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LIBERTY, Mo. — A girl from Liberty is teaching us all a little bit about being kind. An idea has turned into hundreds of books and one very happy second-grader.

“I always want to help out a lot, and I was born at Children’s Mercy, so I know what it kind of looks like,” Kamryn said.

She was born with complications and had surgery at just four days old. She’s a healthy 7-year-old now, full of the desire to help other people.

“She came to me about a month ago asking how she could help out with the Car Show for Kids,” her mother Sara Bouse said.

Kamryn’s aunt and uncle are hosting a car show this Saturday at the Lowe’s in Liberty. They’re inviting people to fill vintage cars with toys for patients at Children’s Mercy Hospital.

“I wanted something for the kids to do, and I know a lot of kids love to color,” Kamryn said. “When my mom told me coloring books would be a good thing, I thought that was a great idea.”

“Kids sit there waiting for doctor’s appointments or waiting while they’re in their room, waiting for treatment, they want something to do,” Bouse explained.

It started with an idea, a Facebook post from mom, and word-of-mouth to friends. Soon, strangers jumped on board.

“One of my aunts, she gave us $50 to spend, and we went to Dollar Tree because I can buy 50 coloring books,” Kamryn said. “The man behind us, he said, ‘Can I give you $5 to help out?’ and I said yes.”

“Two more ladies gave us $5, and I said thank you. I was so happy about it!”

Kamryn’s halfway to her goal. She’s got 500 books and wants to get 500 more. If you’re interested in donating, email

Even though her living room is full of books for kids, Kamryn won’t keep any for herself. Her goal is simply to bring some color to kids in a sometimes dark situation.