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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Earlier this week, FOX4 told you about Kamryn, a 7-year-old in Liberty who wanted to bring 1,000 coloring books to the young patients at Children’s Mercy Hospital.

She not only reached her goal, she exceeded it.

With the help of 125 different car owners and a myriad of other people in the metro, Kamryn donated 1,300 coloring books to Children’s Mercy on Saturday, Sept. 7.

Her aunt and uncle host a car show every year to raise toys for the patients and Children’s Mercy too. This is their third year of doing it, and Brian Rollett and his friends dropped off 11 car loads of toys – about 1,700.

“You have to do it,” Rollett said. “With all the negativity in the world right now, it’s a way to get good people to come together to do a good thing, and that’s really all we do.”

Children in the hospital cannot share toys due to their compromised immunity, so each toy must be new, and children get to keep them. All that adds up quickly.

Most toy drives and donations to Children’s Mercy happen in December. A coordinator with CMH’s Volunteer Services told FOX4 she averages about 650 donation drop offs in December, but only about 100 a month from January to October.

That’s why Rollett, a former CMH volunteer, does the drive in September.

“Because some kids have birthdays when they’re in the hospitals,” he said. “And these toys could help them then.”

The coordinator with CMH said the toys are also given to children before their operations as encouragement for the procedure and entertainment while they recover .

If you want to donate to Children’s Mercy, click here.