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CLAY COUNTY, Mo. — A man has been arrested and charged after a threat on social media involving a mass shooting.

Nicholas Scott Brown, a 19-year-old from Liberty, was arrested last week and charged with making a terrorist threat in the 1st degree, a Class D felony.

According to court documents, on Aug. 12, the FBI contacted the Clay County Sheriff’s Office about an alleged threat that Brown had made on Snapchat.

The video showed a white man, identified as Brown, making a threat to enter stores and go on a shooting rampage while waving a semi-automatic handgun at the camera.

“I’m really f***ing half tempted to to think about running up in all these f***king stores and just shooting everybody,” Brown allegedly said in the video.

When contacted by Liberty Police, Brown was in possession of a semi-automatic handgun and a 12 gauge shotgun. Both guns were loaded.

Before being taken to the hospital for a mental evaluation, Brown allegedly told officers that he has anger issues and was always in trouble for fighting. He also allegedly said that he posted “something stupid” on his Snapchat and someone got offended.

Court documents also say Brown stated that he was very protective of his guns and if an officer pointed a weapon at him, he would point one back.

This case is not related to other threat investigations in August. However, this is the third person in Missouri charged for making a terrorist threat in August alone. First, a man in Springfield walked around a Walmart with a rifle and body armor. Then, a man in Jefferson City called himself “Your Next Mass Shooter” on social media.

Brown is currently held at the Clay County Detention Center on a $100,000 bond.