LIBERTY, Mo. — When former Liberty North High School track coach Ken Peek was diagnosed with brain cancer in May he quickly started building the Grip It and Rip It Foundation which gives back to students through scholarships and support for underfunded programs while also raising awareness about brain cancer.

“It’s Ken’s big vision and big dream it was the first thing when he was diagnosed with cancer he said ‘How can I give back?’” said Christina Peek, Ken’s wife.

On May 5, Ken Peek was diagnosed with an aggressive form of primary brain cancer and underwent a successful surgery on May 23.

After a recovery period at home, Ken completed six weeks of radiation and chemotherapy on August 10.

That same month Ken and his wife Christina established the Grip It and Rip It Foundation.

Ken and Christina Peek have both been educators for more than two decades.

“So out of all of the ideas I had, it became very simple and focused on giving back to education because it has given so much to us,” Ken Peek explained. “It gives me hope and encouragement, It makes me feel good about my situation to be able to give back. And what better way to do it than funding scholarships.”

Over the weekend, the Foundation hosted its fundraiser, a live auction of more than 140 pieces of art from students and teachers at Liberty, Liberty North, and Platte high schools.

“Twenty percent of the proceeds go to teachers who helped facilitate the artwork and the rest will go to scholarships for seniors in the spring,” Christina Peek said.

More than 90 items were sold during the live auction on Saturday.

The Peek’s are running a bonus online auction for unsold items and items that were donated back through Sunday the 29.

You can find the bonus auction here.

For more information about the Grip It or Rip It Foundation click here.