Liberty North leaders investigating after teens says she got racist video from classmate

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Editor’s note: The story below and video above contain a racial slur that, although edited, may be offensive to some.

LIBERTY, Mo. – Liberty North High School administrators say they’re investigating a racially charged Snapchat video sent by a white student to a female African American classmate.

In the video, the student says, “A rope, a tree, hang the n—-r.”

Cassia Shaffer, 18, said the video came from someone she considered a good friend.

“We were Snapchatting like we usually do because we have a streak together,” Shaffer said.

That streak means they message each other every single day.

“It was out of the blue because we go from, ‘What are you doing?’ to that,” the teen said.

Shaffer decided to share the video she’d received on her own Snapchat story.

Cassia Shaffer

“What people don’t understand is iPhones are pretty smart. You can screen record now,” she said.

Soon Shaffer was receiving messages of support from friends and teachers.

“I want you to know that I support you and nobody should ever say that to anyone let alone you,” one person messaged her.

Both the student seen in the video, and the one who sent it have reached out since and told her they didn’t mean to send the snap. But Shaffer said the words still sting.

“If you take the N-word out of it, he said ‘a rope and a tree, hang,’ so basically you are saying to me either that you want me killed or you want to kill me,” Shaffer said.

In a letter to parents, Liberty North Principal Dr. Martin Jacobs wrote, “We denounce the use of racially offensive language not only here at Liberty North, but across Liberty Public Schools. We will be handling the situation with the families involved in the coming days with appropriate discipline handed down, per Board Policy.”

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