Liberty students form “Bully Brigade” to take a stand against harassment

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LIBERTY, Mo. -- Students in Liberty say they're fed up in the aftermath of a bullying case at Liberty Middle School. They're spearheading a new anti-bullying group with teachers in a Liberty elementary school.

A lot of fourth and fifth graders in the group had never even met Blake Kitchen, the victim of the attack, but say now it's their turn to stand up for him.

"I was heartbroken. It was sad. I can't believe that kid did that to him," said fourth grader Ty Wisdom.

News of the brutal beating spread quickly through his class at Kellybrook Elementary School. The day after 12-year-old Blake was attacked, it was the buzz in his classroom.

"His big thing was, mommy I feel so bad for his heart. His heart is broken. He's like that makes my heart break," Brandi Wisdom said.

"I hope that never happens again," he said.

But now Ty gets to be a part of something to help make sure it doesn't. It's called the Bully Brigade. A brand new program with 18 students in his school. Wisdom and the group will learn exactly what bullying is and ways they can stop it.

"We are going to look at videos and see how other kids get bullied and how to stick up for them and be a good friend."

Their first task this week was to introduce themselves to someone who might be lonely or someone they've never met before. Ty did and made a new friend.

"I said do you play any sports? Because I like to play sports and all that. He's like, 'yea I play basketball.' and I said pretty cool. I'm like, 'you wanna be friends?' He's like, 'oh yea, sure!'" Ty recounted.

The smallest gesture, saying hi to a stranger. Ty and his classmates, along with teachers, hope those small gestures will help their Bully Brigade make a big difference.

Wisdom hopes everyone will learn young and old that it never hurts to be a friend and if kitchen needs one, he's there.

"I'm so sorry. Whatever is his favorite things is I would do it with him. Do whatever he wants to do and be a good friend to him," he said.

The group will meet twice a week until the end of the year.

Kellybrook Elementary hopes the Bully Brigade will spread throughout the whole district.



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