Like divine intervention, telemarketer call saves woman under attack 900 miles away

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LINN COUNTY, Oregon — A telemarketer in Las Vegas, calling a potential customer in Oregon followed her gut instinct and likely saved a woman’s life.

Tina Garcia, telemarketing supervisor at the call center, told KLAS-TV that no one said hello but they heard screaming and the sounds of punching coming through the phone when they called an Oregon woman.

“There was just a horrible whimper,” Garcia told KLAS.

Although about 900 miles away, the call center quickly called police and stayed on the line until officers arrived.

Courtesy: Linn County Sheriff's Dept in Oregon
Courtesy: Linn County Sheriff’s Dept in Oregon

A man was arrested. KLAS reports he was holding onto the victim as she was gasping for air.

The woman said the phone was in her back pocket.



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