Liquor stores, considered an essential business, remain steady as people stay at home

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — People have a lot more free time with the stay at home order in place. Now they’re trying to find ways to keep themselves occupied. 

At Plaza Liquor, employee Stacy Franklin said business has been steady.

“Things are obviously a little more stressful for a lot of people right now. So, while we joke and talk with our customers, try to get a pulse of what’s going on, it just is what it is,” Franklin said. 

While many businesses are closed, liquor stores are considered essential and can remain open during the metro’s stay at home order. Customers are taking advantage.

“For us, we’re just doing it as more of a casual thing,” shopper Meredith Todd said. “We’re playing a lot of games, doing a lot of puzzles, that sort of thing. So for us, it’s more of just a casual beer with dinner.”

It’s also a chance to get out the house. 

“I’m definitely an extrovert, so right now, it’s really hard to not see people, not that social interaction. So, it’s a good balance between staying at home and abiding by those rules,” Todd said.

A lot of stores have adjusted how they operate. Plaza Liquor is doing curbside pick-up and home deliveries. 

The store is also offering discounts to first responders.



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