KCPD recognizes officers who stepped in and stopped chase to keep Chiefs fans safe


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Police Thursday praised officers who successfully stopped a driver high on drugs in the middle of a crowd of thousands of innocent people.

So many people are thanking the police for protecting the public at the Super Bowl celebration.

The Jackson County prosecutor charged a 42-year-old Kansas City, Kansas, man with resisting arrest, possession of a controlled substance and driving while intoxicated.

Addae J. Doyle, 42

Addae Doyle is accused of driving through multiple barricades at the start of the parade route, near Front Street and Riverfront Road.

In court documents, police say Doyle sped away from police at about 60 miles an hour along Grand Boulevard, where thousands of chiefs fans lined the curbs waiting for the parade.

Officers used stop sticks to flatten all four tires on Doyle’s green Ford Taurus, but it took a so-called tactical vehicle intervention executed by officers at Pershing Road and Grand Boulevard to finally bring the car to a stop.

“That was the danger, they did not want the car to make a sudden turn and veer one direction or the other because it would go directly into the crowd,” police Chief Rick Smith said. “I’m telling you. It was wonderful decision-making on the parts of the officers that this all ended without anyone getting hurt, including the suspects.”

Police said they found methamphetamine inside the car.

The probable cause statement says Doyle admitted to using PCP and Methamphetamine while at the hospital afterwards.

Doyle reportedly told police he didn’t remember what he was doing when he got arrested.

Police claim that Doyle did test positive for amphetamines and cocaine in his blood.

Two of the charges Doyle faces are felonies.

The Jackson County prosecutor says other charges are likely to be filed in this case.

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