Live blog: People gather in Kansas City Sunday to protest the death of George Floyd


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Protesters gathered in Kansas City for the third consecutive day to protest the killing of George Floyd, who died in police custody.

11:23 p.m.- The victim in the shooting at 46th and Warwick has died. Police are investigating a homicide. It’s still unclear whether or not this was related to the protests.

11 p.m. – KCPD Captain David Jackson says the shooting at 46th and Warwick was about a block from the protests and did not involve police. They’re still investigating whether or not it was related to the protests.

He says tonight hasn’t gone well, but has gone better than Saturday because there hasn’t been as much property damage.

10:55 p.m.- Shooting reported at 46th and Warwick. Not clear if this is related to the protests.

10:50 p.m. – Police still have a presence on the Plaza and more arrests have taken place.

10:20 p.m. – Police seen deploying more tear gas and making more arrests.

10 p.m.- Police Captain David Jackson says police are using shields to move crowds. Four or five people have been arrested so far and will face municipal charges.

Mayor Quinton Lucas says he’s frustrated at the situation.

9:55 p.m. – Protesters seen burning the American flag.

9:53 p.m.- Police and protesters seem to be in a standoff on Main Street.

Police and protesters seem to be in a standoff on Main Street.

9:40 p.m.- Rocks and bottles being thrown at news crews.

9:33 p.m. – FOX4’s Harold Kuntz reports that rubber bullets have been deployed and news vehicles have been damaged. Glass can be heard breaking on Main Street.

9:06 p.m.- KCPD Captain David Jackson said protesters threw rocks and bottles at them. The demonstrators have also started to use dumpsters to hide behind. Police have begun to remove the dumpsters.

Jackson says, “The group that is left has been consistent over the past three nights.” He says that group is not there to be productive or have a conversation.

Police have made a couple of arrests in the past hour.

Debris on the streets of the Country Club Plaza after police used tear gas to disperse the crowd. Photo credit: KCPD
Milk jugs and rocks were thrown at police officers on the Country Club Plaza. Photo credit: KCPD

9:00 p.m.- Police have released more tear gas on the crowd near 47th and Main.

8:46 pm– Large group of protesters seen marching near 43rd and Main.

8:36 p.m.- KC police have declared an unlawful assembly. They’re ordering everyone to leave.

8:31 p.m.- Police have released smoke bombs. The group on the Plaza is considerably smaller than earlier today.

8:25 p.m. – Protesters are seen on camera throwing water bottles and rocks at police on the Plaza.

8:15 p.m. – KCPD Captain David Jackson says things are going well and they have no intention of removing protesters from the Plaza at this time.

8 p.m.- Curfew officially in effect on the Plaza. Some members of the crowd have dispersed, but many are staying put.

Mayor Quinton Lucas says, “Last night we already had trouble at this time. Tonight, we’re not seeing that.” He says if the assembly stays peaceful, they “won’t have any problems tonight.”

7: 27 p.m.- Mayor Quinton Lucas says ‘seeing a peaceful march has been beautiful tonight.’

7 p.m. A crowd of protesters made their way from the Plaza, north through Midtown streets and then returned south down Main Street. Here are some images of their return:

Scene of Kansas City protests against police brutality on Sunday, May 31,2020. (Photo: Sherae Honeycutt)
Scene of Kansas City protests against police brutality on Sunday, May 31,2020. (Photo: Sherae Honeycutt)
Scene of Kansas City protests against police brutality on Sunday, May 31,2020. (Photo: Jordan Ray)
Scene of Kansas City protests against police brutality on Sunday, May 31,2020. (Photo: Jordan Ray)

6:39 p.m.- Ride KC will suspend services at 8 p.m. in accordance with the city curfew.

6:15 p.m.- It appears that the group has turned around and is headed back to the protest.

6 p.m. – KC police Captain David Jackson says that there is a large group of people marching toward 31st and Southwest Trafficway. It is believed they are going to shutdown the interstate. Police have called for backup.

There have been some water bottles thrown at police, but they have let it slide so far.

5 p.m. – KCPD Captain David Jackson tells reporters that a couple of men with long guns were seen in the crowd. It doesn’t appear that any laws were violated.

The National guard is securing KCPD headquarterd downtown, along with federal buildings to free up police resources.

The crowd size is estimated to be at least 1,500 people.

4 p.m. – Kansas City police report that they have discovered stashes of bricks and rocks in and round the Country Club Plaza and Westport to be used during a riot as people protest the death of George Floyd. They ask anyone who finds something like this to call police.

1 p.m.- Kansas City police announced Sunday that 85 people were arrested Saturday night after protesting in the Country Club Plaza quickly turned violent.

12 p.m.- Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas and Police Chief Rick Smith announce 8 p.m. curfew for Country Club Plaza, Westport entertainment district, central business district and city parks. The curfew expires at 6 a.m.

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