BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — Police took a Blue Springs South High School student into custody after finding a gun in the student’s backpack.

According to the district, teachers suspected the student was under the influence of marijuana. As a result, someone at the school searched the student’s backpack. They found a semi-automatic pistol loaded with 12 bullets inside the student’s bag.

In a letter sent to families, the district said police took the student into custody and said the student will face appropriate consequences with the district as well as possible criminal charges.

School safety is our top priority. BSSHS has two school resource officers onsite. The Blue Springs School District has its own Department of Public Safety, and all 22 schools now have a dedicated school resource officer. In addition, we have great law enforcement partners, including the Blue Springs Police Department. Our students and staff must remain vigilant in reporting any suspicious behavior or possible threat to our school. The plan worked just as it should have today, and I cannot thank the staff involved enough for their part in resolving the situation.

Dr. Ryan Gettings, Blue Springs South High School Principal

The district says it believes Thursday’s situation is an isolated incident.

The district reminds families that students are not allowed to have any weapons on district property.