Local animal shelter helping temporarily take in dogs from cold weather


MERRIAM, Kan.— It’s another desperate plea for pet owners to bring their animals inside.

Animal rescue groups like Great Plains SPCA in Merriam are working overtime to get dogs out of the dangerous and abnormally low temperatures.

“A lot of people believe that pets such as dogs and cats are as resistant to the cold as wildlife, but that’s just not true,” said Keegan Prentice, Marketing Manager for Great Plains SPCA. “We have seen some really heartbreaking situations, we are seeing pets outdoors, chained or pinned and they are shivering, they are suffering, and there is no relief for them. They can’t move, they can’t escape.”

Prentice said crews are out answering calls for help and hoping to educate owners.

Great Plains SPCA is also providing supplies to pet owners and even temporary boarding options to get pets out of the cold.

“If there are cases where pets are suffering, and the owner aren’t willing to bring them indoors, we are bringing animals here. We are boarding animals at the shelter because otherwise, they would probably die,” Prentice said.

Prentice said they can’t legally remove animals from people’s property.

In the metro, Prentice said there currently isn’t any city or state ordinances saying people must bring their pets in when it gets under a certain temperature.

In cases where animals are in immediate danger, that’s where Animal Control steps in to help.

Keegan said dog houses and straw not enough to keep dogs warm.

Puppies, and some dogs may not last another night in these freezing temperatures.

“A lot of these cases, we are not seeing animals that are purposely trying to be cruel, they just aren’t understanding the extent of this weather and the effect it can have on their pets,” Keegan said. “It’s way too frigid to be outside, even with proper shelter.”

If you need help or resources to bring your pet inside, email Great Plains SPCA at Info@greatplainsspca.org.

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