Local artists transforming Plaza Medical Building, painting 5-story murals


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Some local artists are transforming a special building at the Plaza.

They’re painting a dynamic 5-story mural on the side of the Plaza Medical Building, right across the street from Mill Street Park. Each artist has a section of the building to paint whatever they want.

The projects is a collaborative effort between American Shaman, Block and Company and Spray KC, a local arts organization that specializes in large-scale art murals.

But this project has a special message.

“The message of unity and caring is the one that we are trying to put out there, and we understand completely the frustration of everything that’s going on,” said David Block with Block and Company. “This is a stone in the base of a social justice or a reflection of what’s going on in the world.”

The artists will be working on the murals for the next week, with plans to unveil them on Oct. 22.



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