Local attorney arrested at Plaza protests while working as a peacekeeper, she says


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A local attorney, who says she was working as a peacekeeper at the Plaza protests, was arrested Tuesday night.

Attorney Stacy Shaw was arrested and charged with the misdemeanor of “failure to comply.

“I was at the protest, as an attorney, as a peacekeeper. I was arrested as I was attempting to help people comply with police orders,” Shaw said in a Facebook live video she recorded shortly after bonding out of jail.

The video is making the rounds across social media with thousands of views and shares.

Shaw said she’s an example and witness to what’s happening to dozens of others who are being arrested while protesting.

“I have been a witness to excessive force. I have been witness to unlawful arrest. I have been a witness to police harassment,” Shaw said.

Although she’s angry, she also said she will be turning her anger into action. She’s already working pro bono for others in the same situation.

In this this statement to FOX4, she said:

“I am having a press conference on Monday. I will be with other victims of police misconduct which occurred during the recent protests. These constitutional violations need to be addressed at the highest levels of state government.”

Shaw said she’s decoding the law. She believes, like herself, most people protesting should never have been arrested.

“The police aren’t telling protesters what the rules of engagement are,” she said. “There is no notice over where they need to be on the sidewalk or on the street, or whether they can be in the park or not in the park. There is absolutely no communication. That’s the only reason why I insisted on going.”

A bail stipulation prohibits Shaw from returning to the plaza.

Shaw said she plans to fight the many cases and instances of injustice to come.

Twenty-four other people were arrested during Tuesday’s protests. More than 160 other people have been arrested in the first four days of protesting. 



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