Local BBQ joint adds 'Mahomes' burger, 'Tomahawk Chop' chicken to menu ahead of Super Bowl


CAMERON, Mo. – A restaurant in Cameron is getting in on the Chiefs success, adding new items to its menu for the Kingdom to enjoy.

Tub Creek BBQ on E. 2nd Street was a dream for Laurine Calvert and her husband, Rick.

“We opened in 2013,” she said. “My husband was a farmer and decided to leave farming and open a restaurant.”

Another hope of theirs was to see the Chiefs in the Super Bowl again. Now that it’s happening, they’ve beefed up their menu. An instant favorite has been “The Mahomes” burger.

“We found out he loves mac and cheese and loves ketchup and those are two of the ingredients on ‘The Mahomes’ burger,” she explained.

The QB burger is fried and served on a soft bun. It’s topped with a yellow and red pepper – like a headband – and then stuffed with mac and cheese. They finish the burger with curly fries (just like Mahomes’ curly hair) and a drizzle of ketchup.

“It’s doing good. People are like, ‘I’ll take ‘The Mahomes,’ you know,” Calvert said with a laugh.

Another fan favorite is “The Tomahawk Chop” chicken. It’s a larger than average chicken leg that’s smoked and barbecued to satisfaction.

Calvert said the Chiefs’ success this season has meant more business than normal.

“We’re usually closed on Sundays and Mondays, but this past Sunday I actually had people calling at my house,” she said.

Calvert is hoping their team-flavored spirit continues to pay off.

“The Mahomes” cost $10 and comes with a side. “The Tomahawk Chop” chicken is $1.50 per leg. If you’re wondering how they taste, know they taste like victory.

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