Local business’ employees find balance in ‘Firm 40’ hour work weeks

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Imagine leaving work after putting in a firm, eight-hour work day every single day. It’s happening at United Shore in Troy, Michigan, where employers say their employees are happier and more productive.

There may be a trend heading that direction called a “Firm 40,” as in 40 hours a week. It’s already happening at Marketing XChange in Overland Park.

“It makes a mental difference. It really does, it doesn’t feel like, ‘oh gosh, all I do is work,'” said Kelsey Huber.

“It’s a nice balance between work and life,” said Kyle Gones.

It’s a change from the average. According to the Workplace Flexibility Study, 66 percent of employees say they work up to 10 hours beyond the required 40 every week.

Mostly to blame is technology; checking emails and phone calls. Thirty-three percent of employees say they are required to be reachable at all times. For those who don’t hold their employee’s happiness in mind, they’re in the minority. More than 65 percent of employers reportedly offer workplace flexibility to their employees, improving employee satisfaction.



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