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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A pair of Chiefs super fans, who met in the parking lot at Arrowhead three years ago, tied the knot before the game, Sunday.

Alan Widner’s and Johlina Clause’s love story started at Arrowhead three years ago when they met out in the parking lot while tailgating at a Chiefs verse Broncos game.

“You drink a couple beers and you get to talking and you exchange numbers and everything,” said Widner of the day the couple met.

The couple decided it was only fitting to get married in the place where it all began with a very nontraditional ceremony. Their minister was a friend who got ordained online a week beforehand.

“I say you need me to get you married I can get it done I figure out what it takes, get ordained as a minister and we’re here now,” said Patrick Mann, the couples friend and minister.

Then with 70,000 Chiefs fans as their unofficial guests, they read their vows to one another.

“For where you go I will go, and where you lodge I will lodge,” said Clause as she read her vows. “No matter what life brings me I know I’ll be with you and that’s all I need.”

Those who gathered around cheered as Mann pronounced the couple husband and wife.

Both Widner and Clause plan to have a formal reception next year. Clause said that is when she will wear her actual wedding dress.