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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A near drowning prompted a family to start a program to teach hands-on CPR to others.

When summer hits, the swim lessons pick back up again at the Bakarich’s house.

“Swimming is huge in our family,” said Melanie Bakarich.

Melanie is making sure her children are expert swimmers after her youngest, Dax, nearly drowned two years ago.

Dax remembers very little; he was only two years old at the time. But it’s a hard memory to shake off for both parents, Melanie and John.

“Ironically, I was playing a gold tournament for a friend of mine who drowned 12 years earlier,” John said about the day his son nearly drowned in the deep end of their swimming pool. He heard the sirens and decided to return home.

“I was hysterical. Thank God for Andrea because she was able to take over and do the things mommy couldn’t do,” Melanie said. She dived into the water to rescue her son.

Close friend, Andrea Hays realized Dax wasn’t breathing so she started CPR until he finally woke up.

“You think it won’t happen to you. With three adults paying very close attention, it did. There might not be a struggle. It might be very silent,” said Hays.

CPR saved Melanie’s family. That’s why she started Train It Forward, a program to teach hands on CPR.

“Just to train and educate is key in anything so that you’re prepared in any emergency that could come your way,” said Melanie.

The goal is to train 400 during the first event. It’s free; the last day to register is Friday, June 19, at Noon.

Train It Forward teamed up with the Kansas City, Kansas T-Bones to put on this training. The event is scheduled for June 20th, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. at the Community America Ballpark.

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