KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The 22nd season of Kansas City fashion week started on Saturday, and dozens of designers from across the country are preparing to showcase their pieces with the community.

This year, organizers are working to bring the arts and fashion community together with a new event at the Weinberg Fine Art Gallery in the Crossroads.

“Instead of the models walking back and forth, it is models stationary, kind of like how I’m standing now, and they’ll do their posing and all the things, and the gallery viewers will actually come and walk through the space and view it that way,” local designer Gracie Key said.

Key is the fashionista behind her line Gracie Key Designs and has been busy spending the last few months putting the finishing touches on her collection.

“I want others to be able to feel confident to use their voice and talk and just express how they’re feeling,” Key said.

She created her line to empower others and is about to showcase her design for the seventh year at KC Fashion Week.

Key started out interning with KC Fashion Week years ago and now works to make her designs better than the last.

“It’s an incredible experience,” Key said. “I will never get tired of feeling that feeling of seeing everything on the runway.”

You can see the visions for this year’s show come to life all week at the gallery and Union Station through March 11.