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KANSAS CITY — U.S. Senate Candidate Todd Akin may have lost the support of most national Republican leaders, but many of his local donors are standing with him.  FOX 4 reached out to a dozen metro donors who gave money to Akin during his Republican primary.

Of those FOX 4 reached, all said they still support Akin in his race against Democrat Claire McCaskill.  Sharon Allen is a pastor in the Northland who says Akin’s pro-life abortion stance is more important to her than his admitted gaffe about the probability of woman becoming pregnant after she’s been raped.

“I’m really surprised as an American citizen and as a pastor that we would not stand behind our people, especially when they just made a mistake,” Allen said. “I think he repented and he said he was sorry and I think that the Repubican party, I don’t know why this has got so bent out of shape.”

Allen says she’s sad that Republican Political Action Committees say they won’t give Akin money for his campaign.  She was on a conference call with Akin supporters Tuesday night and says she plans to organize future fundraisers for Akin. She says a recent poll showing Akin leading McCaskill 44 to 43 percent tells her that Akin can still win in November.