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OLATHE, Kan. — A local couple is helping people “untangle” their lives.

On one rainy afternoon filled with crafts and music, Nick and Maddie Paradise came up with a new idea they claim will make your life easier!

“She was bored one day, and sitting up in her room, and got together some of her old friendship bracelet thread, and started wrapping her earphones. I thought they were really cool, a lot of other people did, and so we decided let’s start making these and selling them,” said CEO of ThreadBuds, Nick Paradise.

Nick and his wife Maddie launched a new product Monday called ThreadBuds. They’re from Olathe, but have already sold more than 300 pairs all over U.S. in just three days.

“When we realized ThreadBuds didn’t tangle, I was like, ‘Okay, we’ve got something here,'” Nick said.

“Every person that I share what we’re working on with is like, ‘Oh gosh, I hate when my headphones tangle, if there is a some way that they can’t, I’m in,'” added Maddie.

It seems like a simple idea, but it used to take five hours to make the $25 item by hand.

“We’ve invested in some machinery that helps us make it, it doesn’t make all of it, there’s still a certain hand-made part to it, but we’ve increased our efficiency from five hours a set, to about 20 minutes a set now,” Nick said.

Both Nick and Maddie have day jobs, but in their free time, they say they’re always trying to find ways to live life untangled.

“We’re kind of about saving people time, because we really believe in doing what you love rather than the hassle of untangling your headphones,” said Maddie.

“I think we’re solving a problem that literally everyone has experienced once in their life,” Nick said.

Nick and Maddie are in the process of teaming up with Big Brothers and Big Sisters to give some of the proceeds to the children in this area.