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GARNETT, Kan. — For kids, there are few things better than catching a ball at a baseball game.

During Friday’s Big Slick softball game, one family from Garnett, Kansas, didn’t just catch any ball — they got a Patrick Mahomes home run.

Last Friday, the Hollon family made a trek up to Kansas City, for a chance to collect a few autographs from their favorite celebs at the Big Slick Celebrity Softball Game.

“Pat Mahomes is the reason why. We were hoping to get his autograph, to see him up there,” Derick Hollon said.

The Hollon family

Although they didn’t get an autograph from Mahomes, they may have an even better souvenir — his bomb to left field.

Former American Idol contestant David Cook grabbed the ball behind the temporary fence. Then he tossed it to the Hollons in the stands.

“I didn’t know what was going on. I mean, I knew Patrick hit the home run. But I just didn’t think we would get the ball ever,” Kemper Hollon said.

“We were in the right spot at the right time, I guess,” Derick Hollon added.

Right place at the right time, making for one memorable day. For this family, it might even top the list for best time ever at The K.

“I would say in the range of like cool, to like special, to awesome,” Marlee Hollon said.

A day these Chiefs fans won’t soon forget.

The Hollons collect celebrity autographs and said they’d like to have their ball signed by Mahomes.