Local family takes high schooler under their wing

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Most of us face many challenges in life, and often all we need is some support to make it through; which is the case for one senior at Staley High School in the Northland.

Kyle Cambrice, 17, started off just practicing on the field, as his grades didn’t allow him to play, but a local couple took him under their wing, helping his dream to play become a reality.

“Every big thing in my life, I cannot remember without Scott and LeAnn being there,” said Cambrice.

Scott Cruce became Cambrice’s big brother ten years ago through Big Brothers Big Sisters.

“He’s been a part of our lives ever since, he was seven years old, now he`s 17,” said Scott.

Cambrice’s parents have not been a part of his life, his grandma raised him and his older brother, Chris, herself.

“She just didn’t have the energy to keep tabs on two teenage boys,” Scott said.

Cambrice’s grandma was getting older and was in and out of the hospital.

“I was just at the house with my brother most of the time, nobody was on me,” he said.

Cambrice became ineligible for the football team at his former high school.

“He was getting ill more, he wasn’t going to school, his grades were going down,” said LeAnn Cruce, Scott’s wife.

Scott and LeAnn said it was a quick decision; they asked Cambrice if he wanted to move in with them. He decided he could use a fresh start, and moved in with the Cruce’s and their two young sons.

“So we have a kindergartner, and now a senior in high school, so it`s been a big year,” added LeAnn.

“It really showed me that there are definitely tons of people that want me to succeed, and I want to succeed for them,” said Cambrice.

His first semester junior year he made a 4.0 GPA , and he was practicing with his new high school football team.

“Despite not being able to play last year, he did not miss a practice, did not miss a football event, did not miss anything, and worked his tail off all year,” said the head coach at Stanley, Fred Bouchard.

Now Cambrice’s playing linebacker, and thriving.

“Wanting to succeed for not only yourself, but those people too, knowing that if you let yourself down, you`re letting down your coach, you`re letting down your big brother, big sister; their two little kids are looking up to me,” said Cambrice.

Cambrice says anyone out there can reach their goals, sometimes all it takes is just a little push.



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