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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The push to rescue people in Afghanistan continues.

A group of people that are connected to the third world country are vowing to not forget their allies.

“If it be possible where I can save one soul out of Afghanistan, I’ll walk to Afghanistan to take them into safety,”  Abbas Kamwand, A Former US Diplomat, said.

Getting people out of Afghanistan is personal for Kamwand.

“I have friends, I have family, I have my relatives,” Kamwand said. “I have my heart and I have my mind in Afghanistan.”

Kamwand is Afghan-American who’s lived in the United States for over thirty years, but right now his main focus is on his first home.

Kamwand he has talked to many people back home in Afghanistan who are living and hiding in fear -of the Taliban.

“They are sad, disappointed, worried, in hiding,” said Kamwand. “They are looking and praying to survive.”

Here at home, some people who are connected to Afghanistan through their service, including Kamwand, are working with the United Way of Greater Kansas City to raise money for their allies.

“It just makes me question, what can we do to truly live our values because this is a crisis unlike, we’ve seen,” Jennifer Vitela, A Former US Diplomat, said.

Vitela said the group is trying to supply people with evacuation and life support.

“Money to provide for food, for medicine, for healthcare,” Vitela said. “You know these are going to be tens of thousands of people displaced in other countries and we need to step up because they were our allies.”

Right now donations are being accepted on the United Way’s website.

Where it says “please enter the name of the individual” type “Task Force FTT” to contribute.