Local game room store racking up complaints and lawsuits with unhappy customers

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — A business that sells fun has been utter misery for its customers.

Customers tell FOX4 Problem Solvers they regret ever having walked through the door of a store they say has cost them months of frustration and thousands of dollars.

“This guy just lies through his teeth,” said Charles Clough, describing Justin Pattison, the owner of a pool table and pinball machine store called Gameroom Concepts.

Clough said he has been waiting for his $4,300 Olhausen pool table since April.

“They delivered a table that was not an Olhausen to begin with, and it was jet black and it was beat up and used,” Clough said.

He turned down that table more than a month ago and demanded the correct table. He has yet to receive it.

Dorcie Swope said she was supposed to have her $5,000 pool table last May.

“And that’s when the nightmare started,” Swope said.

Swope said she’s been told six times it’s being delivered. The last time was July 4.

“I was there all day,” she said. “No call. No show.”

Just another reason why Gameroom Concepts has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau and is continues racking up online complaints.

Despite that, owner Pattison made this remarkable claim to Problem Solvers: “At the end of the day I can’t remember where someone did not get an order or they were not satisfied,” Pattison told us.

Justin Pattison

Pattison must have already forgotten about Greg Brockus.

“They are terrible,” said Brockus, referring to Gameroom Concepts. “I’ve been treated horribly.”

Brockus paid $4,000 for a shuffle board game that was supposedly once owned by Royals slugger George Brett. Gameroom Concepts even promised Brockus that Brett would personally autograph the table.

That was six months ago.

“I have no table, and I’ve been lied to,” Brockus said.

Brockus was so upset that he sued Gameroom Concepts and won — though he’s never seen a dime of the judgment.

Then there’s Dan Fowler, yet another dissatisfied customer. Fowler also ended up in court with Gameroom Concepts over his shuffle board game, which has a wavy table.

“Of course, we won,” Fowler said. “He appealed. Lost the appeal. He still owes us $1,500.”

Or how about Dan Leap.

Leap sued Pattison after a guitar lamp he put on consignment in Pattison’s showroom went missing. Leap demanded to be paid for the missing lamp. When he didn’t get any money, he sued.

The day he was headed to court, Leap said Pattison gave him back the missing lamp.

“It was just weird,” Leap recalled.

The man behind all that weirdness is Pattison, who remains defiant, insisting he’s innocent of any wrong doing and a great businessman.

Every unhappy client has their facts wrong, Pattison said.

But the facts are so concerning that Olhausen, a leading pool table manufacturer, told FOX4 that it will no longer let Pattison sell their tables.

Pattison told us that wasn’t true. He said it was he who had cut ties with Olhausen, claiming he was suing Olhausen for $50,000 for not delivering products he’d paid for.

However, FOX4 couldn’t  find evidence of a lawsuit, and the lawyer Pattison referred us to was also unaware of any litigation. In fact, he had no idea what we were talking about when we called to ask him.

On the bright side, Olhausen is helping some of the customers solve their problems with Gameroom Concepts by giving them replacement tables.



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