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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Graduating high school seniors face uncertainties as they prepare for their first semester of college. But many remain optimistic about the future.

Graduating seniors heading to college this fall are stuck in limbo.

“I think just not knowing, the unknown because you can’t plan and you can’t do anything,” Torri Henry said.

Henry is attending Stoney Brook University in New York this fall. She’s starting earlier than most.

“We were supposed to report the second week of July, but now July is out of the question. We are going in August. We still don’t have a set date yet,” Henry said.

It’s supposed to be an exciting time as students make their first jump into adulthood. But she joins a number of students across the country unsure about their future on college campuses.

“Me and my mom, we were just talking about it earlier today about how we need to get some clothes, decorations and all that. But it’s been on pause,” said Rishi Rattan, an incoming freshman at Tulane University.

University officials are encouraging concerned parents and students to ask their college questions about the future of in-person classes.

“I don’t think it’s realistic to say there is one set thing that is going to happen on any particular campus across the country because there’s just too much unknowns,” UMKC Director of Admissions Dr. Alice Arredondo said.

While questions remain on whether students will get a true college experience this upcoming semester, students are still eager to begin life on campus.

“I just want to experience that, even if I didn’t get to play football, even just to meet some of my roommates,” Rattan said.