Local group helping bail Black mothers out of jail in Missouri, Illinois


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — There’s a mission to reunite moms who are behind bars with their children.

Justice Gatson with the Reale Justice Network is working to bail out Black mothers in jail for various reasons, mostly misdemeanor and small crime offenses.

She said it began as a nationwide effort alongside the National Bail Out for Mother’s Day so they could be home with their families.

“We’re not stopping,” Gatson said. “It really has this spiraling effect. That’s why we do it. The residual effects behind it don’t add up.”

Gatson said they help women all across Missouri and even Illinois. So far, they’ve bailed out five women since Mother’s Day.

Gatson said she has seen women with extremely low bail — just a couple hundred dollars — who are unable to pay. She said this is a push for restoration.

“Women are typically moms, caregivers of older people in the family. They typically provide income. They could be head of household. They care for children. When you take a mom out of the hold, the family suffers,” Gatson said.

“We talk about second chances a lot, but quite frankly, many people aren’t given second chances. They are thrown away the moment something happens, and I don’t believe in throw-aways.”

The money to help bail out these women is raised through community donations. If you would like to donate or know someone who could benefit, visit Reale Justice Network’s website.

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