Local healthcare worker opens online business to design fashionable scrubs

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February 07 2021 05:30 pm

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A local healthcare worker started her own online business to bring more style to everyday scrubs.

Shafawn Morrison launched “Our Scrub Boutique” in October and works to add style, unique embroidery, and other special touches to ordinary scrubs.

“It really just started as a hobby, something to do while I was bored. We were in quarantine and we couldn’t do anything,” Morrison said. “All of a sudden everyone started hitting me up on Facebook, I want these, I want this one here.”

Morrison, who has been in healthcare for 10 years, says the pandemic helped highlight the need for more diversity and creativity. She also says she hopes this is a way to brighten people’s days.

“Going into work like every day, when the pandemic first started, like oh my gosh, I pray I don’t bring this home to my family. It was a lot. It was stressful,” Morrison said. “When you look good, you feel good.”

So far, she has sold more than 150 scrubs, mostly handmade.

She has also started selling custom scrubs in-store at local shops like Sugafoot’s Klazet on Westport Road and The Elephant Tree Boutique in Overland Park.

Since launching three months ago, she expanded services to teachers, dentists and even chefs.

Morrison said the main-focus remains the frontline heroes working long hours and makes it a point to highlight them on her website.

“Wearing cute little scrubs and go into a hospital and I can feel cute. Other nurses who wear my scrubs felt where I was coming from,” Morrison said.



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