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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — After a metro man was involved in a hit and run, he decided to drive after the person he claims is responsible.

FOX 4’s Melissa Stern spoke with him to find out the reason he now takes his dash camera everywhere he goes.

“It was just unbelievable, it just really shook me up bad,” said Dave Brooks.

Brooks was on his way to work Tuesday morning around 7 a.m. when he said a car headed right at him.

“I quickly swerved out of the way, and they broadsided me,” Brooks recalled. “I definitely heard it real loud when it hit me, so I turned around to go meet this person, and they just kept right on going.”

Brooks said he called police as he followed the driver who had just hit him.

“The next thing I know, this girl, she was swerving all over the lanes, back and forth, and I knew something was wrong, and then all of a sudden, she swerved all the way over from the fast lane into the slow lane, and hit a car head on,” Brooks said.

He said the person in that other car was injured and left in an ambulance.

“The car that hit her, the girl got out, and acted like it was nothing special, like there was nothing going on. Didn’t even ask if the other girl was hurt or anything, and I was pretty upset about it,” Brooks explained.

Brooks said he bought his dash camera a few years ago after he was involved in another hit-and-run.

“I knew eventually somebody would probably hit me, and I got hit once before, and it was the other person’s fault, and the insurance company didn’t do anything about it, and the police didn’t do anything about it, so I was stuck paying for my own repairs,” Brooks said.

Brooks said his decision to get the camera has paid off.

“The second time I got hit in a hit-and-run, I got the information of the truck driver and his boss paid off my damages, so that paid for my dash cam, so I really believe in them,” Brooks said.

Now here he is again a few years later, involved in another hit-and-run.

“I’ve got all the proof so I can turn it into my insurance company, so they can collect from the other person instead of me having to pay for my own repairs,” Brooks said.

Police said this is still under investigation, but that the driver appeared to be inattentive, not under the influence.