Local man searching for missing dog who’s been on run for days after owners died


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Dog lovers know the heartbreak of losing a pet, but recently a German Shepherd named Sophie lost its family. Now the scared pup has been on the run for nearly two weeks.

Sophie was last seen around 9:30 a.m. Monday near Southwest High School.

“I got in front of her. I drop some food out, run around and she just took off again,” Loschke said. “I (saw) he says 63rd Street toward Troost. We think she started back into the neighborhood.

The dog has traveled from her home in old Leawood to south Kansas City, then Prairie Village, Loose Park and Brookside since she took off Oct. 6. That’s the day Mike Loschke was taking her in as a foster.

“She is scared. She is scared. She lost her humans a couple weeks ago, and she hasn’t been out of the backyard in her entire life,” Loschke said. “She’s just running scared, very skittish of all humans apparently.”

Since Loschke posted on social media, 10-year-old Sophie has tugged at the community’s hearts. He’s received thousands of texts, phone calls and emails.

“This dog is special because no one can take her. All the shelters are full to the brim and overwhelmed,” he said.

Loschke said he’s been working with Missouri German Shepherd Rescue and local dog trappers as well to get Sophie back home safely.

“We just can’t get her contained long enough to put a live trap at this point,” he said.

Loschke asked if people see Sophie, just keep an eye on her and call him — or try to corral her in your yard. Don’t chase her or she’ll take off, he said.

“It’s pretty frustrating and heartbreaking,” Loschke said.

Loschke’s family just lost their German Shepherd, and he can only imagine how Sophie feels after losing her family, an elderly couple who died within days of each other.

He just wants to find her a good home.

“Unfortunately when I saw her last, she was limping,” he said. “She just worn out probably, very hungry.”

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