KANSAS CITY, Mo. — In honor of World Autism Day, eight local McDonald’s restaurants are giving back to Autism Speaks.

The organization is dedicated to helping people with Autism reach their full potential.

“We’re here to serve and help people, make a difference in the community,” owner Jim Wagy said.

10 percent of Sunday’s sales will be donated to Autism Speaks, an organization that means a lot to Wagy.

“Autism speaks is a great cause and my sister-in-law has special needs so we’re always looking for a reason to help people out,” Wagy said.

The fundraiser has raised 20,000 dollars in the past two years, and they’re hoping to raise even more this year.

“You know it’s grown every year so hopefully after today when everybody comes to McDonald’s we will have raised over thirty thousand dollars for autism speaks,” Wagy said.

The following locations are participating in the fundraiser on April 2 until close:

  • 150 NW Barry Road, Kansas City, Mo.
  • 9551 N. McGee Street, Kansas City, Mo.
  • 6830 NW 83rd Street, Kansas City,, Mo.
  • 6305 N. Antioch Road, Gladstone, Mo.
  • 6300 N. Oak Traaficcway, Gladstone, Mo.
  • 2001 Prairie View Road, Gladstone, Mo.
  • 1515 S. 169 Highway, Smithville, Mo.
  • 1106 N. Main Street, Maryville, Mo