Local medical student who recently returned from Kenya shares her story of helping others

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A group of local medical students recently returned from Kenya, where they received hands on experience treating the sick.

Elizabeth Von Ende, a third year student at Kansas City University, was among the 10 medical students who made the  live-changing trip and says she hopes medical students continue to partake in this trip in the future.

“It was something where we got to learn medicine in a whole different light and in a whole different way,” Von Ende said.

Von Ende adds that the trip was a culture shock. She says while she was there she and other students had to learn to treat people with the few supplies and medicines they had.

“You realize how little medical knowledge and  medicine they have in these third-world countries,” Von Ende said.

She said everyone she treated was thankful for the students who decided to share their knowledge in an effort to treat the issues they were having.

“Everyone there is so thankful just to have us there,” Von Ende said. “And they thank you so many times for just coming over to help out, which is probably the best part of the whole experience.”

Watch the video below to hear Von Ende describe in her own words what it was like to be able to treat a young boy who came into their clinic very ill.

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