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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Jessica and Kevin McClellan were traveling northbound on The Paseo when an SUV crossing 56th Street struck the driver side door. 

The crash on Sunday, May 16, sent the McClellan’s minivan into a spin. Jessica said that’s when something took hold of the wheel.

“In my mind, I knew that we were going to hit the stop sign and go into the church, and God just placed us here right on the sidewalk,” She said. “So we were able to walk away with just, you know, aches and pains and whiplash.”

Their totaled minivan was much more than just a personal vehicle. It was the engine that powered their nonprofit, Giving Hope and Help.

“It’s been a huge inconvenience because that vehicle was the vehicle that was used to transport everything that we were doing with Giving Hope and Help,” said Kevin McClellan, who’s also a board member of the nonprofit.

Since its inception, Giving Hope and Help has given thousands of college scholarships, donated countless feminine hygiene products, and provided safe housing for victims of domestic and sexual abuse. 

On Sunday, they were going to use their van to make another massive donation to incarcerated women in Missouri. 

“We are supporting over 10,200 women that are incarcerated in the Missouri Department of corrections with thousands of period products,” Jessica said.

Although they miss their van, they are happy to have walked away from the crash.

“I am not complaining because we are here,” Jessica said. “Our children could have been planning a double funeral.”

If you would like to help the McClellans replace their totaled minivan, you can donate at their website.