Local organization teaching parents how to prevent infant sleep deaths

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A local organization is inviting parents to learn more about how to keep babies safe while sleeping.

According to the Mother and Child Health Coalition in Kansas City, 10 out of every 1,000 babies in Kansas City die before their first birthday. Many of the deaths are due to unsafe sleeping habits.

The Safe Sleep Taskforce is meeting Thursday morning to find new ways to build awareness within the community on how to keep babies safe during nap time and at night.

70 babies in the state of Missouri died in 2013 because of unsafe sleeping conditions, and most of the deaths were preventable.

According to the CDC, parents should always place an infant on their back in a crib, not in the parents bed. Infants should also be placed on a firm mattress. Parents should avoid putting stuffed animals and blankets in the crib because most sleep deaths occur due to suffocation. The organization recommends that parents use a sleepsack to keep their baby warm.

Experts said it’s important to continue to teach parents how to prevent sleep deaths as knowledge builds awareness, which will hopefully reduce the amount of babies who die each year.

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