Local pizza chain Minsky’s offering Beyond Meat pizza and burgers

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Minsky’s is taking a bite out of the meatless burger market.

The local pizza chain is now offering Beyond Meat burgers and pizza topped with Beyond Meat.

Minsky’s began offering the items online this month. They’re available in restaurant locations on request and will appear on menus in a few weeks.

“Our founder, Gregg Johnson, has been in love with the idea of Beyond Meat for a while, so we wanted to make sure we had an option available for everybody,” said Steve Clark, General Manager of the Southwest Boulevard location.

The meat patties, which are made of a mix of peas, brown rice and mung bean, are seasoned with Minsky’s seasoning and cooked separately from their meat products.

“We use a separate pan, so there is no cross contamination,” said Clark.

Los Angeles-based Beyond Meat debuted as a public company in May. Since then, its stock has risen steadily and sales are expected to top $210 million this year.

Minsky’s Beyond Meat burger and pizza

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