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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Negativity towards police officers across the U.S., has escalated particularly since the Ferguson, Missouri riots, but police in the metro have been reporting numerous acts of kindness that have been directed towards them.

Olathe and Kansas City all report they’ve received lots of support from the community. Most recently, two officers in Grandview felt the support after they were eating at Steak and Shake and someone picked up the tab. Other officers in the metro have reported receiving flowers, candy and lots of thank you notes.

The Alabaster Police Department in Alabama has a Facebook page set up to promote acts of kindness towards police officers.
Here’s a note they posted:

Thank you
You put your life in the line every day to keep us all safe.
You are a hero. I appreciate all you do. Police deserve
more than they are given in return for their service.
-Your thankful neighbor