Local politicians sound off against Capitol riot, Trump and Hawley


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kick him out of office. That’s what some Democratic lawmakers are calling for as they blame President Donald Trump for the riots at the U.S. Capitol building yesterday. 

Besides pointing a finger at the President, many lawmakers are also blaming those Republicans who objected to certifying the election results. Missouri Senator Josh Hawley – who led the effort – is getting the brunt of the blame. 

“Josh Hawley said he was doing this for the people of Missouri. Let me tell you something, Josh. You are supposed to represent St. Louis too, but you do not speak for us,” Missouri Democratic Representative Cori Bush of St. Louis said this on Twitter. “You have blood on your hands, and that’s why I’m calling for your removal from Congress.” 

This is what Senator Hawley said to the Senate last night. 

“Violence will never be tolerated and those who engage in it will be prosecuted,” he said. “But this body will act to address the concerns of millions of Americans across the country. We do need an investigation into irregularities, fraud. We do need a way forward together. We need election security reforms.”

Those who stormed the Capitol are convinced the Democrats stole the election from President Trump. While the president encouraged protestors to go to the Capitol yesterday, he did publicly rebuke the violence afterwards

Four people died in the riot, police said. One woman was shot by police, wounded as she tried to break through a barricaded door in the Capitol where police were armed on the other side. Three others had medical emergencies.

Video shows people throwing items at police, pulling apart barricades and smashing Capitol windows. Those who made it inside were seen getting into altercations with law enforcement, parading flags up and down hallways and sitting at office desks.

Those arrested could face up to 20 years in prison on charges of sedition – for trying to overthrow the government. 

Here’s what other local lawmakers are saying:

  • Missouri Democratic Representative Emanuel Cleaver: “The country that I am seeing on television is unrecognizable to me. I will continue to pray for the safety of my colleagues and the Capitol Police Officers.”
  • Missouri Republican Representative Vickey Hartzler: “This is thuggery and violators must be punished to the fullest extent allowed under federal law. We cannot heal our divides as a nation if this lawlessness persists.”
  • Kansas Republican Senator Jerry Moran: “I condemn the violence and destruction at the U.S. Capitol in the strongest possible terms. It is completely unacceptable and unpatriotic. God Bless the @CapitolPolice & our law enforcement officers. Please pray for our nation.”
  • Missouri Republican Representative Sam Graves: “Peaceful protests are protected by the Constitution, but this is not how we settle disputes in America. The violence and lawlessness happening at the United States Capitol…is completely unacceptable and un-American. This is not what democracy looks like.”
  • Missouri Republican Senator Roy Blunt: “Today’s outrageous attack on the Capitol was a sad day for America. But we will move forward and we will continue living up to the example of democracy we have long set for the world.” See his full statement on Twitter.
  • Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt: “The lawlessness at the U.S. Capitol today is sickening, shameful, inexcusable and counterproductive. I condemn it in the strongest possible terms. This riot, like others before it over the past year, offends the law and order we fight to preserve every day, and it insults the men and women who fought and died for our Constitution and who serve the rule of law. America resolves even our most profound differences through democratic debate, through judicial processes, and sometimes through genuinely peaceful protest, but never through violence.”

A group of Democrats – including Kansas Representative Sharice Davids – is calling on Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25thAmendment – to remove President Trump from office. With just 13 days left in his term, that is highly unlikely to happen. 



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