Local private jet companies keeping busy ahead of Super Bowl with dozens of flights to Miami

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The Chiefs playing in the Super Bowl means more business and big bucks for local private jet companies.

John Owen is the president and CEO of Airshare, a fractional ownership private jet company based out of Lenexa. Owen estimates the company has 40-50 flights scheduled from KC to Miami, leading up to Sunday’s game.

“It’s crazy around the office,” he said. “We’ve got people going down Friday, coming back Monday. We’ve got people going Sunday, coming back Sunday, so it’s all over the place.”

Airshare has about 50 planes in its fleet that can seat between four and nine passengers. The company primarily caters to businesses.

“About 80% of our customers are businesses taking clients or employees, but we have a lot of leisure travel, too, so some people are just going down for fun,” Owen said.

The average cost for a round-trip ticket on a commercial flight out of KCI is currently around $500, but flying private isn’t as cheap. Airshare rates run anywhere from $1,600 up to $4,000 per hour.

But it's not your average flight.

“We fully stock it, so it’s got alcohol, beer, wine, liquor, snacks and it’s all included in the price,” Owen said.

There’s the convenience factor, too. Airshare flies out of several airports around the Kansas City area.

“You basically park, walk right up to the airplane and you can be up in the air within 5 minutes of parking your car,” Owen said.

The company also partners with the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes. Owen said the QB is a frequent flyer, along with his family.

“They live down in Tyler, Texas. We’ll bring them up for every home game and take them back, and we’re also taking them out to the Super Bowl this year,” Owen said.

So if you’re willing to cough up the cash, here's one way you can arrive in Miami in style.



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