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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City school is using new technology to inform parents and beat the flu season.

University Academy  says with more than a thousand students roaming the halls daily from kindergarten through 12th grade there’s plenty of opportunity to spread sickness. So this flu season the charter school is using the Kinsa smart thermometer to help keep kids healthy and reduce sick days.

The thermometer records temperatures to a mobile app for other parents to see. Parents can also make anonymous posts to a message board and let others know about contagious symptoms.

School nurses believe the extra communication could help stop a bug before it spreads.

“One of our jobs is to keep kids in the classroom as long as possible, not home sick or in the nursing office,” Bobbi Leavitt with University Academy said. “When we found out about this, we were excited about this tool that would help us get to our goal.”

The Kinsa smart thermometer is free for any family in the school that wants one. Next year families will have to purchase them.

“Last year we had the flu go through and we had to send 28 kids home sick on one day, so we are really hoping that the thermometer will prevent that from happening again,” Leavitt said.